• Do you ship outside the U.S.?
We currently do not because of high shipping cost and customs fees. However, if you don't making an extra expense to ship outside of the US please contact us for more details.
  • Where is my order?
Orders will ship between 1-2 weeks after they have been received unless they are pre-order items. This can take up to 3-4 weeks depending on the nature of the item.
If you haven't received a shipping confirmation email after this time frame feel free to contact us. 
  • How fast will I get my order after I get the shipped confirmation?
We ship everything through USPS on priority and will provide a confirmation number so you can track your order! This does not mean your order will get shipped within 2-3 days after ordering, this is how long it could take for your order to arrive after receiving your tracking and shipping notification. 
  • My order appears as delivered but it's not in my mail box / my tracking has not updated but appears as stuck in one location by USPS?
If you have received your tracking number and it appears as delivered but it wasn't or if you haven't receive updates on tracking within the 2-3 day time frame please contact USPS personally and/or  file a claim for a lost package.   We provide a tracking number for your convenience so you'll know its location and you can make arrangements to be available for its delivery.
We unfortunately will not refund you for a stolen , returned or lost package. We understand It is upsetting but once the package is received by USPS we have no control of how its handled or its delivery.
  • I moved, can you change my delivery address?
We send your package to the address you provide. PLEASE make sure that it is correct and that you email us  ASAP if there are  any changes BEFORE the package ships. Unfortunately, we cannot intervene with USPS after package has been received by then. 
If we receive a returned package, we will contact you and let you know. However, you will have to pay additional shipping fees to get it sent to the correct location.
  • Can I get a refund/exchange?
Because of the nature of personal use of our products we cannot accept exchanges, return or refunds. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. 
However, if you'd like to cancel your order BEFORE it ships we will happily refund you. If you receive an incorrect item we will send you the correct item at no cost to you and you can keep the item that was sent to you by mistake. Depending on the nature of our mistake we might ask for photo proof but we will email you further if needed.
  • Do you do wholesale or review discounts?
We do provide wholesale prices but not all of our products will be part of the wholesale list as some of them are exclusive to our online site. Please contact us directly for more info.  
Review discounts, are available depending on the nature of your project context. Of course, a discount is only provided in exchange of an honest review. Any feedback will allow us to improve our quality and is always welcomed. 


  • When will you restock?
We restock in intervals to make sure we are able to meet shipping time frames. We will update on Instagram  [@brewbles ] when we do our next restock and other shop announcements! follow us for more news!
  • Are your products vegan/animal friendly?
YES! we make sure that all the materials we use and products we make are Vegan and animal friendly. 
  • I have had my bombs a while and now they are soft and don't fizz? 
To prevent this from happening  please store your bombs in a dry and cool place. Any exposure from humidity may cause the bombs to activate early and wont fizz in your bath. You could still dissolve an activated bomb for the essential oils and  bath salts but it wont fizz.
While our bath bombs can last long in the right storage we recommend that you use our products within 8 months of receiving them to ensure freshness. We are not responsible for early activation once you receive your items or because of weather implications in your area.  
  • My balm / body butter is melted! is it safe to use?
Yes, Its safe to use! Unfortunately, hot weather and storage temperature implication can melt your balm / body butter as they are meant to be easily dispersed by your own body heat during application. You can place the product in a cool area for the product to settle and solidify again.


While all our products are Vegan, organic and skin safe, they are for external use only and are not edible. 
Please keep out of the reach of children and pets. Some of our products contain foaming agents, bath salts and essential oils  that are bitter to taste and may upset your stomach if ingested.
Please test out on a small area before use. If any rash or other skin sensitivity ensues, please discontinue use. We try to use as many organic ingredients on our products however not everyone has the same skin type. Please check out ingredients list for more info. 
Because of the butter and oils in our products, your bath may become slippery, please have caution when entering or exiting your bath.
We are not responsible for any injuries or issues that may arise because of the misuse of our products. By purchasing from our site you automatically agree to all the rules and policies stated above.  
Please contact us if any other questions arrive or for any other inquiries.