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Paleta Pack

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Get yourself a bountiful paleta pack with all your favorite flavors!

This bundle includes:

Verano en la Huerta - Lemon and Mint with Hibiscus Botanicals

Mercado en Michoacan - Blueberry and Apple with Cornflower Botanicals

Desayuno en Xochimilco - Mango and Orange with Marigold Botanicals

Tlahuac en Primavera - Strawberry, and Mint with Pink Rose Botanicals

Morning Glory - Orange and Green Tea with Jasmin Botanicals

Balneario en Tabasco - Rasberry with Amaranth Botanicals

Septiembre en el Zocalo - Arroz con leche with Cinnamon Bark

Te de Abuela - Chamomille and Lavander with Chamomille Botanicals



Sodium Bicarbonate, botanicals , Citric Acid,Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, Epsom Salt, Cosmetic Grade Mica Colorant Powder, Witch Hazel, Diatomaceous Earth, Cocos Nucifera and Organic Essential Oils