Pa' Las Raumas Salve🕺🏾✨ 4oz

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Perfect for joint and arthritis pain and well as muscle pain so you can dance the night away! 🌶🌶

Cayenne which is naturally anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic, cayenne pepper contains a constituent called capsaicin which has been known to relieve muscle and nerve pain. Ginger root can help with arthritis and muscle pain as it has anti-inflammatory abilities. Aswell as,help to improve circulation and relieve tension in tired muscles.


Please note that this salve is not vegan as it contains beeswax.

Our Beeswax  is cruelty-free and was ethically sourced right here in central Texas which is why only a small quantity of salves will be available at a time since its not mass produced and exploited.

Ethically Sourced Beeswax, Grape Seed Oil, infused Cocos Nucifera, Ginger Root, vitamin E, Shea Butter, Ginger Essential Oil, Cayanne powder, Tumeric Powder, chamomile.